Paper and Scrapbooking

Your Photograph

Light is the number one enemy of a photograph. Although direct sunlight and fluorescent lighting are the most damaging, light levels in an average room can cuase pictures to fade. To limit this exposure, store photos in complete darkness, such as in an archival box or photo album. If you want to display a photograph, make a copy for display and keep the original in dark storage.


Do you know what's missing in this photo? This is an example of why journaling is so important. Someone once said a picture is worth a thousand words. That may be true, but sometimes it needs a little help. A photo can tell you only so much by looking at it, such as "here is a dog standing by a refrigerator." Unfortunately, it can't pipe up and say, "This is Sox's our black lab, who never complains even with all the health issues she is dealing with and her favorite thing to do is get a treat from the refrigerator. This was taken six months before the disease took her May 2009.

That's why every photo is worth a few words, starting with who,what, when and where. These are all the words you really need to capture the stories behind your photos. Jot this brief information down with an archival safe pen.

Keep it Simple

Using a two pocket-page insert or album is a quick and easy solution to organizing and scrapbooking your photos. Be sure you are recording dates, events and people's names.

Getting Started

The thought of scrapbooking a lifetime of photos can be overwhelming, and it is difficult to know where to start. However, taking little steps will create a valuable legacy for you and your family.
Start by organizing your photos by theme or by year. Start with the present and work your way backwards.